A new generation of “smart” probiotics
According to scientists, the human body contains about 39 thousand bacteria. However, not all of them are harmless. To avoid various diseases, we need protection. Probiotics can help with this problem. They’re living organisms or, as they are also called, “useful” bacteria that live in the human intestine.
he influence of probiotics on the body is tremendous. If you need a “serious” assistant to fight disease-causing bacteria, the full course of the New Bio-In program is a suitable solution. After this course, cellular metabolism normalizes, your natural gastrointestinal tract defense is stronger, and your general wellbeing is improved.
You can create a recovery program for yourself by combining different products. Each Vision jar achieves a specific purpose.
Long Lasting
70 days of protection
A comprehensive recovery program designed for 70 days. During this time, the microbiome—that is, the body’s “community” of bacteria—will be restored and metabolism will improve. As a result, the body will rejuvenate at the cellular level. Activico, which improves digestion, should be taken from day 1 of the course up to day 70.
At the same time, add Digestico to your diet from day 1 to day 14 in order to help clear the digestive tract. From day 8 to day 18, we advise you to take Synbiotics to restore the microflora balance. Add Cobiotico to the program with short breaks. It breaks the food down into small particles. This product should be taken from day 19 to day 28, then again from day 4 to day 49, and finally from day 61 to day 70.
Fast Fix
28 days of protection
For a faster result, the 28-day Fast Fix program will work. This is enough time to significantly improve your health. Additionally, Fast Fix has a longer effect compared to the previous course. With this program, you can improve your digestive system and prevent having similar problems in the future.
After 28 days, your microflora balance will be completely normalized. From day 1 to day 7, take Digestico, and from day 1 to day 14, take Activico. Synbiotics is added to the program from day 5 to day 11. Cobiotico reaches the “finish line.” It’s taken from day 5 to day 14 of the course.
Express Solution
14 days of recovery
For those who seek for a more rapid effect, there is Express Solution, a 14-day program. Supplements within this program can be used in case of acute digestive disorders. In the program, it’s recommended to take Activico for two full weeks. From day 1 to day 7, Digestico is also added. From day 5 to day 11, it is advised to take Synbiotics, and from day 5 to day 14, take Cobiotico.
As a result, bowel functions will be fully restored. This will positively affect not only your mood and wellbeing, but also your appearance! Take care of your health together with probiotics from Vision! Your health will absolutely thank you for this!